Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December finishes II - Flower afghan and snowflakes

I only have one picture of these snowflakes, so I'm combining them with the second flower afghan that I made for my mom. They're from Martha Stewart. They're on our Christmas Tree.
A few posts back I wrote about the flower afghan that I made for my mom. She wanted another one, so I made her another one.
This one has less vegetables in it. Actually it doesn't have any. The first afghan that I made had carrots (from the book), zucchini and summer squash (adaptation of poinsettia), and string beans (adaptation of dandelion fluff). This one has the actual poinsettia and dandelion fluff (down 4 over 5 and down 6 over 2). This one has all the berries and more fruits (lemon, orange, and watermelon).

Detail of the border showing briar rose, daisy and cherry blossom.

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