Monday, December 7, 2015

Circle of Friends Squares, Part V

I have many irons in the fire right now, but I have finished the Circle of Friends Squares this week, and they're even blocked. But I am going to wait to join them until after I've finished making presents for my family.

I took a few pictures to record their origin and otherwise keep track, though when I arrange them into a blanket, I don't plan on preserving the order in which I made them.

Here are squares 46 to 54. Top left is from a skirt I saw on a silly YouTube video. Next is my kid's teal leopard pajama pants with a blue and purple tie-dyed top, and after that one from a fuse bead creation. Second row: Summer garden colors, grand canyon colors, and last summer's tie-dyed shirt colors. The last row is all from tie-dyed shirts.
At this point I was done with random ideas, so I took the next eight from my unfinished granny square quilt.
For the last square, I chose colors to represent the flowers that had been keeping me company all week.
Here are the last nine squares (55 to 63), being blocked on a tie-dyed towel.
Actually this is the original bouquet. The picture I showed next to square 63 is after I took out a few faded flowers.

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