Thursday, September 10, 2015

Third mandala series

The third series only has four mandalas in it, though I might send them off together with a couple more that are in the works. I haven't mailed them yet because I just finished them today. I had acquired some nice bright colors for a giant mandala that I was making, but they were a little bulkier than most of my other yarn. So I thought I would make a mandala using only those yarns, plus the cream colored yarn that was also a bit heavier than the rest.

I lined up the yarn in the order cream, lime, green, blue, and red. I didn't want to put the red next to the cream, so rather than repeat, I started with green and reversed the order whenever I got to red or cream.
While I was working on the first of these mandalas, I wondered what it would look like if I started with red. So I made one that started with red, using the same sequence.
Now clearly if I started with white I would get something equally interesting. However I wondered how I would manage to make a symmetric layout with three mandalas.
Never fear, it occurred to me that there was another way to make one of these mandalas starting with green. This completes the series, because there are only 4 possible ways to have the colors arranged in the sequence that I wanted while starting with red, green and cream. At this point I was very close to running out of the dark green yarn, but I ended up with a few inches left over.
Here they are all together.

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