Thursday, September 10, 2015

Second mandala series

Early in the morning on Saturday, August 22nd I went to the yarn store to get some last-minute yarn for what I hoped would be a creative week at Sandy Island. I picked up three more skeins of colorful variegated yarn in colorways that were compatible with the one I already had.

At this point the Mandalas for Marinke project was accepting very large and very small mandalas. I decided that three rounds of the simple mandala plus a little picot edge was just the right size, and four colors could be permuted 24 ways. So I made 24 mini mandalas out of the colorful yarn. They are all different.
Meanwhile I was working on this larger mandala. Each round is one of the colorful yarns combined with a solid color.
I loved the blues and greens together, so I made another 24 permutations. I had to use two of each of the light and dark greens, because I was running out of yarn.
Back home now. I had picked up some gray yarn for a giant mandala that I had started on the way home from Sandy Island. I love the color gray, and I wanted to make something cheerful using lots of different grays and compatible colors. I think this was close to what I wanted, but not quite.
 Here are the mini mandalas in a contraption that I made for shipping. Yarn is threaded through the middle of them and anchored top and bottom with buttons.
Here's the box of mini mandalas and the two regular mandalas, almost ready to ship. But there is room for one more.
This is not the next mandala that I made. The next one I made had to be part of another series, so I finished this one, which was another idea I had about how to use the colorful yarn. Every other row is a double strand of the four yarns, and in between those rows I combined strands of two different yarns. Double blue and double green are repeated, as well as blue and green together in between. I absolutely love this one.
So this bunch of mandalas went in the mail a few days ago. I threw in three little ones that I made from scraps, not pictured here. So a total 48 + 6 = 54 mandalas were sent to San Francisco.


  1. do you have the pattern for the mandalas

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  3. Hi,
    Sorry for the delete, I wanted to edit my own comment but couldn't!
    Anyway the pattern was created by Marinke in whose memory these mandalas were made. You can find the pattern at: