Monday, September 7, 2015

Flower afghan

I made this afghan using the flower motifs from the book Granny Square Flowers by Margaret Hubert (with one exception). The yarn is Vanna's choice by Lion Brand. I enlarged the afghan pattern in the book and used different flower motifs for each square, and I substituted "dusty green" for "fern" in the border. I arranged it in the form of four nine-patch blocks. I made it for my mom.

Top row: Red day lily, coneflower, gold day lily, zinnia, frangipani, rose.
2nd row: Pink zinnia, squash blossom with zucchini and yellow squash (adaptation of poinsettia), cherry blossom with different colors, peas (adaptation of lily of the valley), strawberries, Queen Anne's lace.
3rd row: Sunflower, briar rose, oak leaves and acorns, poppy, blueberries, passion flower.
4th row: Columbine, marigold, morning glory, water lily, geranium (from the Connie's Garden Tutorial by Signed With an Owl), lime.
5th row: Orange day lily, dahlia, carrots, raspberries, forget-me-not, cherry blossom.
6th row: String beans (adaptation of dandelion fluff), orange sun star flower, flower buds, narcissus, pink cosmos, daisy.

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