Monday, September 14, 2015

Rainbow Mandala

This might be the last mandala I make for the Mandalas for Marinke project. The deadline is approaching, and I have a trip coming up. I wanted to make a color wheel mandala, because the twelve rings make this a natural choice (3 primary colors + 3 secondary colors + 6 tertiary colors = 12 colors).

I didn't want to buy more yarn, so I had to make some adaptations. Instead of a saturated blue violet I used a pale bluish lavender in the center and the outside border, and instead of red-orange I used brick in round 9. I think this worked out very well because the interruption of the dark brick and light lavender add interest.

I previously made a giant mandala that I want to turn into a cushion, so I'm waiting until I do that to send in this one as well as the four from series 3. But I might go ahead and mail the five regular ones that I have left to send tomorrow.

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