Monday, October 26, 2015

Circle of Friends Squares

Well I'm hooked again. I can't crochet these circle squares fast enough. I wanted to make something large using a square motif, so I browsed Google images with the keywords "square crochet motif." I came across some beautiful blankets that used a motif very much like the ones in the picture. What I saw was from a free pattern by Rachele at It's based on another free pattern, the Circle of Friends Square by Priscilla Hewitt. I didn't want to use a double strand of worsted and a 10 mm crochet hook, so I used the original pattern and made two modifications. First, I used a different color for each round. The original pattern is for one color. However, using different colors made the last round of scs look too narrow, so I used hdcs for my last round. Then rather than making the corner 3 sc, I made the corner hdc, ch, hdc, ch, hdc. I'm thinking of joining with a flat chain join, but more on that later when it's time to assemble. It's so great to be using my H hook and worsted weight acrylic yarn again. I used it to make the first flower afghan and many of the mandalas. I've made things with other kinds of yarn since I started crocheting again this summer, but the acrylic worsted weight is my hands-down favorite.

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